Miccie Inkpen
Joined: February 28, 2010

These boats are part of a family of small traditional rigged craft of the types that might be used by the Revenue, Navy, or Privateers and Smugglers. The boats work quite well in tight narrow waters, and around islands where water space is limited. The boats will also work well in the larger seas, and can take part in battles with big ships on the open sea. The boats are fast and manoeuvrable, and with care can take on much larger ships but you do have to avoid getting hit by a broadside – it tends to be terminal.

The boats all use a specially written sailing enginewhich is locked to a SE wind to maintain compatibility with the other fighting ships of SL. The sailing controls are fairly simple to learn and use standard sailing methods.The guns are maimed by manouvering the boat, with the elevation by using PgUp and PgDn - firing is by touching the gun or using the F Keys.

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