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You can find ThatChick @ Anala

If you find an issue with one of my creations, PLEASE contact me and I will fix it ASAP. If you leave a bad review BEFORE contacting me, don't expect me to be super happy to help you. I do not purposely make mistakes with my items and am happy to make right whatever is wrong, but only if you TALK to me. My IM's cap, pretty often. Send a notecard if you want to make sure I receive your message. Check my picks for my FAQs.


Don't give away or sell my full perm creations as full perm.
Copy/Mod = Ok
Mod/Trans= Ok
Copy Only or Transfer Only = Ok
Copy/Mod/Trans = NO
Don't resell the friggin UUIDs from my fullperm textures as this also constitutes giving them away. That is STEALING. Your momma would be ashamed of you.

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