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Joined: July 09, 2009

#ADORED was founded at the dawn of time by a couple of babes on a mission to spread cuteness & joy throughout the lands.

keep it cute with #ADORED/VICE X hand-drawn makeups, eyes, tattoos, nail polish & mesh accessories:
official website - https://adored.wixsite.com/home/
facebook - https://facebook.com/getadoredinsl/
instagram - https://instagram.com/getadoredinsl/
discord - https://discord.gg/yP8FYxt

join the #ADORED HYPE SQUAD for updates & exclusive group gifts, sales, discounts + giveaways.
copy & paste into local chat of your second life viewer to join:

~ totally rad! 100% sugar! super sweet! since forever! ~


contact ampersand artful in-world with your transaction number for any questions or concerns.

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