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JB Balls Animation Marketplace
Sold by: Jonas Bakalava
Joined: October 13, 2005

welcome to JB's Harem Studios

We make smoking hot sex movies.
what we are not about is wasting footage on lame irrelevant
"setting the mood" or "telling a story".
WE ARE about showing you the smoking hot ACTION. We have made hundeds of movies, using carefully tailored alts, sparing no expense for top notch "actors"
Our entire collection is available to you in "fast acesss 320p, or downloadable 720p. Movies require a lot of space to store, so we make them available on a cloud storage facility.

What you get: a studio box with pertinent info instructing you to send us a an email (you have to provide us with your email address) then we grant you unlimited access to our cloud storage vault. The amazing thing is if you do not wish to use us a lot of disc space, the movies are available flash instantly. you can play them immediately! if you have favs, you can of course download as many as you wish. Within a years time frame, There is no time limit, no quantity limit.

THE COST, 2600L per yearly subcription fee, or about 10 bucks. we spend about 30,000L for each actor and invest hours and hours of work. the actors alone cost a minimum of $125.00 each , and we have assembled a harem of 25actors so we think you will find a comprehensive selection to suit your tastes,

Our approach is a departure from traditional sex delivery avenues, escorts, hookers, photos etc.What you are gettting is top quality and exceptional value. Try us out , you wont be disapointed!

JB. Studios, when only the very best will do.

Have a hot super decadent bod and want to show it off?, be a movie star and a legend, Contact our selection manager, Bret peck in world to arrange for a test shoot. Make some lindens and have some FUN... and make your friends Green with envy! best of all , be a sub, and live in our prestigious Play boy palace!!


Any new experience with an SL product can be frustrating to a customer. I try to make sure to carefully explain the operation of my products innotecards included in my sets,, but i know that sometimes some special help is necessary and i am happy to help perswonally where i can,, Sl is unfortunately still the land of lost inventory and in a case by case basis i restore items lost.

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