~EDD~ Emmalena Damour Designs and Art Gallery
~EDD~ Emmalena Damour Designs and Art Gallery
Sold by: Emmalena Damour
Joined: September 04, 2010

I have decided to start selling my clothing in the Art Gallery store as well and have changed the name to include both names. I make system and Mesh clothing for both men and women! My friends have wanted me to start adding the clothing here.
Art For your Soul
Some of the art is Original RL art that has been photographed and brought into SL.
All Photo Art has been taken by me in RL and framed for your enjoyment in your SL home, office, or business. Please feel free to come to the Gallery and view all works shown. I would enjoy visiting with you. There is also digitally created art and fractals as well as sculpty art.
There is another section in this store, Clothing from my Clothing store in the Marketplace is shown under the ~EDD~ brand. The clothing is Classic Applied mesh and Fitmesh clothing for both women and men.


No Returns.
All Artwork is no Copy.
You can transfer it and adjust the size and position for your walls.
No Reselling.
If you have questions about our products please feel free to Im me.
All clothing and shoe items are copy only. If you want to gift it to a friend you can do that at purchase. There are classic, mesh and custom avatar clothing available.

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