Yumi Pets, Puzzles, Breedables, Combat Systems and More
Yumi Pets, Puzzles, Breedables, Combat Systems and More
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Bands of Cypher Game [BoC]
Bands of Cypher is an inter-dimensional puzzle. Understand the language of the 5 elements and unlock the Bands of Cypher to reveal a passage to another dimension! A world of gentle and curious creatures called "Yumies" . Their world is collapsing and they need refuge in ours.

Search for abundant, rare or mythical species and rescue them. Obtain and track several progressive achievements along the way and get recognized for your hard work instantly! Use your skills to get high scores and flaunt them with pride.

Yumies possess several genetic traits such as, rare skin coats, eyes, hair, fluorescence, wings, wing colors and genetic bio luminescence! .
A Yumi is intelligent, self sufficient and does not need food.
It derives its functional energy from the elements. Each Yumi knows a secret passage to bring other members of similar or rarer species into your dimension.

It can morph into a single crystal form (1 prim) and you may also transfer a Yumi in crystal form or elemental form to another owner.

A Yumi is NOT like any other Breedable. It has new code written from scratch. It has a custom designed AI and Neural Network that surpasses any other.

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