Steelhead Outfitters - Chelsea Malibu Designs
Steelhead Outfitters - Chelsea Malibu Designs
Sold by: Chelsea Malibu
Joined: October 27, 2006

3D Modeler and builder for Second Life and other 3D systems. Corporate builds and 3D models on Unity and Open Grid platforms.

I try to utilize all the features Second Life offers to make my products looks as real as possible from Local Lighting, Glows, Shaders, Brightness etc and the face of each prim is textured to match that face.

I feel in the end, that I offer a well made product for a reasonable price. Please let me know what you think or better yet, please rate my products and tell us all your impression.

I truly appreciate your business and thank you for your patronage. I love to share my creations with others more than anything else I do in SL.


100% satisfaction guarantee on my home goods, I only ask that you give me your reasoning. If it fails to do as it is designed to do, or if you make a mistake modifying it, we will fix or replace it.

There are no returns on Steelhead Outfitters clothing as I provide demos, please try before you buy.

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