Naked Landlady Rentals
Naked Landlady Rentals
Sold by: Lyndsay Carson
Joined: May 16, 2006

Naked Landlady Rentals is one of SecondLife's largest and most respected provider of residential and commercial real estate for rent. Whether you're looking for space to build a headquarters for your growing business or a beautiful tropical paradise to call home, check out our listings page for available properties and join our growing community today!

◦No premium account required
◦No upfront costs
◦Flexible payment types (Lindens or Paypal)
◦Flexible payment schedules (Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly)
◦Full terraforming rights
◦Your choice of deeding land to you or your group
◦Full sim rentals include estate manager rights
◦Helpful staff available to assist you with your questions or issues

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