Virtual Kennel Club (VKC)
Virtual Kennel Club (VKC)
Sold by: Enrico Genosse
Joined: June 07, 2006

Virtual Kennel Club (VKC) Dogs have been leading the way when it comes to intelligent, natural looking dog behavior in Second Life.

What do you like most about dogs?

Imagine exploring Second life with your dog at your side, entertaining people you meet, or taking him to the dog park to play games and win contests. Imagine your dog greeting your friends at home when you're away.

What's special about VKC® dogs?

VKC® Dogs have true artificial intelligence and obey physics, so they seem more natural and alive. They are active and aware and they learn, so you can teach them to behave the way you like. Born with basic instincts, VKC dogs can develop individual personalities through experience and conditioning, and they can learn new tricks that you teach them.

Where can I read more?

We have a comprehensive web site which includes a very Dog Owner's Manual.


If you experience difficulties with the delivery of your pet, or the pet itself, following your marketplace purchase, the first place to get help is at one of the VKC Parks. (Use the link below to "Inworld Store".
* Find the Clinic and say help in local chat.
* The clinic will help you contact a VKC Trainer who will help you to reclaim your pet.

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