Morning Glory
Morning Glory
Sold by: Winter Ravenheart
Joined: February 17, 2010

"A little dew drop of a store that will hold a world of goods. Artwork is the major product at the moment but buildings and furniture are to come."

That was the beginning... but life happens and the beautiful sim my little dew drop was on is now gone. I have taken classes and practice my skills and feel that I am improving progressively so that I can offer better items for the public's purchase and still keep prices relatively low.

For some AMAZING jewelry that compliments my clothes and other outfits... visit redrose Jewellry, she has been kind enough to host an outlet for me there:


I'm sorry but I cannot grant refunds. An item can be redelivered to you if you do not receive it; just copy your receipt in your account transaction history and send it via note card to me directly and I will re-send the item to you.

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