Custom iNKZ
Custom iNKZ
Sold by: CaseyJo Giugiaro
Joined: September 08, 2005

Casual and sexy outfits, dresses, mini dresses, shorts, skirts, tops, jeans for ladies. For the men we have jeans, shorts and shirts as well as Tattoo's and Custom Name Tattoo's for both male and female. We also have a variety of couples poses for your photography needs as well as wedding and family poses and cuddle couch posers!


All items are NO TRANSFER, so all sales are FINAL and no refunds or exchanges! If you are buying as a GIFT, please make sure you have chosen the right purchase option (DELIVER AS GIFT button) so the gift will be sent to its recipient.There will be NO refunds for DOUBLE PURCHASES, if your item wasn't delivered, please send me a note card in game with your transaction info within 7 days of purchase.

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