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- KUNI est 2018 -

KUNI is a hair store that debuted in 2018, we are in constantly changes to guarantee the high quality of our products, that's why you can notice some differences between the past releases. Before to buy a item you must know about some important things:

◦ Always buy the demo before to purchase the hairstyle, there are some type of hair that doesn't fit very well in some heads, that's why it's very important to test before to buy.

◦ (For newest hairstyles) You must be careful before to buy a hair, some types of accessories or add-on are sold separately or only for Ultimate Edition.

◦ Standart, Gold and Platinum Edition aren't the same, the difference between each other is extra colors and color picker (Only Platinum Edition is available at Marketplace), you may go to the mainstore to buy other version.

◦ We know that some hairstyles are too heavy, that's why there are separated hairstyles version to avoid high vertex number.

◦ Not all hairstyles have Style HUD, It is clearly visible in the vendor when it is available.

◦ No plans to update old hairstyles, so please don't ask about it.

For customer service, contact Noelle Neaph only via IM.

Thank you for understanding!

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