Club Depot
Club Depot
Sold by: Daeden Jessop
Joined: December 27, 2005

Being natives of the clubbing industry in Second Life, we have a unique understanding of the trials and tribulations of operating a night club.

For this reason, we created Club Depot as your one stop spot for all things clubbing. Be it high quality club builds, furnishings, scripted tools, event promotions and more, Club Depot has what you need at prices you can afford.

We just wanted to make stuff that makes your life easier/better/happier and more fun :D We're always open to suggestions for build types/styles you may be looking for, give Filipa Thespian or Scorpinosis Nightfire a ring and let us know.


We will provide refunds for any product that is COPY but NO TRANSFER, provided the item is returned to us. For all other permissions combinations, we are unable to provide refunds.

Contact Filipa Thespian for any technical difficulties, or Scorpinosis Nightfire if she cannot be reached.

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