V-Twins Biker & Gothic clothes
V-Twins Biker & Gothic clothes
Sold by: Chaplin Tomorrow
Joined: August 28, 2007

V-Twins is a leading provider of biker style clothing for SL avatars. Our main store is home to many people that appreciate the biker look and style and is located at the Sinnersville sim.
Check Chaplin Tomorrow Profile inworld to teleport to our main store or try our bikes in our Demo area.

All motorcycles are ridable in our Test Area


V-Twins Store Policy can be found in our website.

Since the marketplace does not support http reference, copy and paste this link in your browser to view.


Store policy describes

1.Conditions for Refunds
2.Permissions explanation
3.Procedures for contacting us

Note that you abide to our terms and conditions by purchasing any of our items.

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