Paradise World Estates
Paradise World Estates
Sold by: Paradise Genesis
Joined: August 18, 2010


- Founded, Managed, and Owned by Paradise Genesis

- The best place to live and work online

- We have more than four years of experience in Second Life, and now we provide land for your enjoyment.

- Our main goal is to make our customers happy.

- With the high-standard quality of our regions, we offer not only the land, but also all support you might need to build a place you can call home.

- Remember that you do not need a premiun account.

- Buying land with Paradise World Estates is easy, fast and safe!

- Dozens of parcels available: residential, commercial and breedables zones.

- Professional and modern management.

- Private islands without adjacent regions (less lag).

- Refund policy: 50% if there are more than five days remaining.

- Free moves within estate.

- Low prices and low lag.

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