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Sold by: Xanthe Audeburgh
Joined: August 22, 2009

Hello there! My name is Xanthe and I create very unique & original shapes which are designed to be naturally curvy & balanced, with a realistic outline & pretty facial features (or in the case of Guys goodlooking features!). My shapes are created to flatter most high end skins.

Yes it is possible to be look UNIQUE & beautiful with the right kind of shape! And a GREAT shape used with a high quality skin equals *AWESOMENESS*! Styling Details* included. My shapes are designed to flatter most quality skins so please feel free to try a DEMO (which are supplied in good faith) until you find the one you love! :P

Please feel free to IM me in World if you have any questions or comments.

((Xanthe)) xoxo


Please DO try a DEMO before you buy. There are a variety of shapes, some of which are Copy/MODIFY/NT which you can adjust to suit your tastes. Some discounted shapes are No Modify. BUT if you require a shape to be MODIFY or a particular custom shape or minor adjustments to a shape (ie taller, shorter, more bosom etc), please IM me or toss me a N/C in World, stating your requirements etc. I wil

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