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Graphic Design and Retail Goods. Some content is full permission, please read the descriptions. No customization services provided unless otherwise noted. You MUST have PS knowledge to edit my content. Well organized graphic content in PSD, JPG, PNG formats.

I know my marketplace is confusing but its because I own like 7 stores total. LL doesn't make it easy to sell under multiple stores and one owner name, so I have consolidated my listings here on marketplace to fall under my TR branding.

My stores:
Vendetta - Event Booths
AlterEgo - Female Clothing
Pretty Savage - Female Shapes
Paper Crowns - Mesh Decor
Cannabliss - Smoke Shop
Enertia - Full perm texture clothing
GlowBaby - Mesh neon signs

When you open event booth purchases from my marketplace you will notice they are titled Vendetta. To keep things tidy on my marketplace store, they are labeled as TR. I have OCD, I do not like confusing, random store names all over my items.

Its all me :) They are just different stores inworld. TR is my parent brand and all the other stores fall under this title.

It is what it is. ♥

All stores closed inworld until Nov. '23 due to building my annual Halloween Hunt, Spookzilla.

I do accept custom orders, please see my website www.toxxicrhiannyr.com

Thank you! ♥


[+] No refunds or exchanges
[+] Gen 1 booths :
2018-2020 models
[+] Gen 2 booths :
2019 - 2021 models
[+] Gen 3 booths :
2023 models


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