Tethered BDSM
Tethered BDSM
Sold by: Torus Heliosense
Joined: August 02, 2008

Since 2011, Tethered has featured artfully crafted BDSM products for extraordinary D/s relationships. Torus & Harley Heliosense design, craft, and sell artisan collars, BDSM furniture, and accessories. We take pride in crafting elegant products that will enhance your in-world experiences and relationships.

Tethered is also home to the Bound line of Truthballs - featuring the edgier side of Truthball design.


We believe in taking care of customers. Please send an IM to Torus or Harley Heliosense directly. We always respond the same day, but messages occasionally get lost, so if you do not hear from us within 24 hours, please resend your message.

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