Sold by: Anessa Stine
Joined: December 24, 2006

DCNY Clothing is a great source for colorful mix-and-match women's clothing, designed by Anessa Stine and Dawn Memorial. The Clothing is high quality and priced for value, making it irresistable!

This is the online store for the *New* DCNY Collection, for older designs (ie.before February 2011) please visit the 'DCNY Clothing Co.' SL Marketplace Store (coming soon.)

Visit us often here, or in-world at our Lo Lo Sim Mainstore, for frequent NEW Releases and Special Offers (Dollarbies and Group Gifts). Thank you for shopping at DCNY!


All clothing is sold as Copy/Mod/No Trans unless otherwise noted, therefore we cannot offer refunds or exchanges. Refund will only be given where a duplicate purchase can be verified. If you intend to send these items as a gift please be sure to choose the 'send item as a gift' option.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to Anessa Stine, prompt reply is guaranteed. Your satisfaction i

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