Sold by: Kate McLaglen
Joined: December 16, 2006

We provide Classic, Eclectic, Modern, Rustic, Traditional and Transitional Furnishings and Unique Decorative Accessories for your entire Second Life home. Presenting experienced creative design solutions for your individual style.
Contact Kate McLaglen for an Ok Copy version of an Ok Transfer product.
See our in-world store for weekly sale programs, many new releases at 60L or under.

Since StoraxTree's inception, the focus has always been on courteous, personalized attention. If you should ever need assistance, simply drop a notecard or IM to Kate McLaglen for a quick resolution.


We will send you an Ok Copy version of an Ok Transfer item upon request.
We will replace lost items.
We will fix anything broken.
We will treat you with respect.
We will honour our promises to you.
We will be willing to discuss changes to an item.
We will answer your questions about our products.

We will expect the same from you.

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