Sold by: Pommy Lemmon
Joined: December 29, 2006

Thank you for considering my products. I hope you have as much pleasure in using them as I had in creating them.

I build quality items to enrich and enhance your Second Life experiences.

I'm always grateful for just a few minutes of your time for any feedback and preferably a good review and star rating.

Your suggestions are welcome, however, I reserve the right to take any actions or not.

My store is currently being rebranded.

The former Morbidly Erotic will now be known as Dark Obsessions.

5% general discount when shopping in-world plus an additional 10% discount for group members.
* Animations & Gift Cards are excluded!

The In-World store is temporarily offline!


Products are guaranteed against faults and defects. If you receive a product that is not what was displayed, ie. defective in construction, or is missing a component, please send a notecard with your contact details as well as the purchase and fault information. I do not offer L$ refunds except for faulty items or duplicate purchases (due to SL error). I will not transfer items to your alts.

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