~Tableau Vivant~ Outlet
~Tableau Vivant~ Outlet
Sold by: TableauVivant
Joined: November 27, 2010

Male skin, skins for men, androgynous skins,costume,design,fashion,garment,metrosexual,avantgarde, avant-garde,men fashion, male,man, men, fashion accesories, collar, collars, face, faces, mask, makeup, makeups, makes-up


Dear Customer,
thank you for choosing us.

The product you have bought is an original work (both mesh and textures) and was made to be enjoyed within Second Life® only.

By purchasing ~Tableau Vivant~ work you agree to the following terms of use:

~Tableau Vivant~ work may not be redistributed or made publicly available for download.
~Tableau Vivant~ work may not be used as derivative wor

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