Steam Kitten Unlimited
Steam Kitten Unlimited
Sold by: Gaea Singh
Joined: May 11, 2007

At Steam Kitten unlimited we offer a variety of mostly steampunk-related products for tiny avatars, though some items may also be used by "biggie" sized avatars. We are especially proud of the beautiful steampunk styling.

Vehicles: We specialize in heli-style steam and electro-steam fiers, airships, motorcycles and automobiles.

Weapons: We carry several Steam-powered weapons that deliver guided atomic missiles and pack quite a (no-push) explosion.

Apparel and Accessories: We a variety of steampunk style hats. Many sport moving gears, pistons, propellers gauges and the like.

Tinies: We also have a good selection of plushy and robot tiny avatars.

We are constantly adding new products to our inventory. Please stop one of our in-world stores!


Should you have any problems purchasing or using our products, please IM Gaea Singh, Owner/Operator of Steam Kitten Unlimited.

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