*Baby Pie*
*Baby Pie*
Sold by: Gabrielle Gregory
Joined: August 05, 2006

Baby Pie Designer, Gabrielle Gregory has more than 5 years of SL clothing design experience.

Baby Pie specializes in adorable, trendy childrens clothing with the highest quality textures and creations. Gabby's designs include sculpted attachments, and most are complete outfits. Visit the in world store for discounts, sale items, specials and more. Join the group for new release updates!


Please IM Gabrielle Gregory with transaction information for problems.

PLEASE NOTE:Due to recent scammers & effective immediately, If your item shows as "DELIVERED," I will NOT be able to redeliver or refund your money for ANY REASON. My items are transferable, and therefore by giving you multiple copies I risk losing money.
If you have concerns about this, please shop from my in world store!

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