UNORTHODOX by Tonio Harmison
UNORTHODOX by Tonio Harmison
Sold by: Tonio Harmison
Joined: December 28, 2005

Home of SCALPZ!

Unorthodox products are created for all races and genders. Our items are for avatars who have mastered Unorthodox side of their style arsenal!

We Specialize in photo realistic hairstyles
including but not limited to:

- 360 Hair bases
- Skinless Hairbases
- Tapers & Fades
- Mohawks
- Locs & Dreadlocks
- Braids & Cornrows
-Cornrows & Braids
- Facial hair, Beards & Beardbases
- Pony tails
- Old School Styles
- Kinky/Curly Hair
- Natural hair
- Interactive styles

and much much more!!!

All items are cheaper at our in world shop!
Come on by, I know you're curious

Check out and follow the official unorthodox blog for style cards new releases and more!



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No Refunds. All sales are final.

Please try demos before purchase. I will be happy to assist you in world with any problems you may have.

-Tonio Harmison

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