Delosian Designs
Delosian Designs
Sold by: Delos Helstein
Joined: April 14, 2009

Delosian Designs, is a store dedicated to the 16th-19th century world, specializing in luxurious antiques that filled the nobles homes of that era. The Products of this store are based on real life models, to keep the historical nature accurate. The products are made with the customer in mind, a version for those who love details (most prims), to those who love the work, but need to work with a better prim value (lowest prims). The aim of the store is to promote graceful and elegant art, from the Late Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, and Neo-Classical Periods. I hope you enjoy, feel free to contact Delos Helstein, for help or any information. Comments would be helpful!

All Items are No Copy, No Modify, but are Transfer. Different products carry different prim values, depending on the product itself.


All items are No Copy, and No Modify, but are Transfer.

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