* Maker's Muse * Creator Supplies & {Eclectic Muse}
* Maker's Muse * Creator Supplies & {Eclectic Muse}
Sold by: Gothicmuse
Joined: June 02, 2011

* Maker's Muse * sells full-perm building supplies and builders' aids - mesh, textures, and other things builders might need or want.

{Eclectic Muse} consists of any product I feel like building and think someone might like to buy - generally Gothic, Rajpunk, Steampunk, Victorian and whimsical styled furnishings, decor, clothing and gadgets: the results of my strange and messy mind! ;)


Due to the nature of full-permission objects, they may not be returned. Please contact Gothicmuse with a notecard after 1 hour if you experience delivery failure. Please include your order information to make it quicker for me to resolve the situation. My IM's cap regularly, and I don't check my e-mail often, so if you send and IM please be VERY patient.

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