BabyBundles & Chloe's Creations
BabyBundles & Chloe's Creations
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BabyBundles strives to offer affordable family items at the best quality possible. We offer things for maternity, children, and prim babies.

Chloe's Creations is a Zooby baby affiliate owned by BabyBundles.

Zooby clothing is restocked every Saturday and Wednesday in the marketplace. Check back later if you outfit you want isn't listed or check the store in-world.

We also have a full service maternity clinic - sonograms, lab tests, Lamaze, pediatric care, epidurals, caring doctors, many different delivery options and more.

Visit us today! We have a family-themed island.


For any delivery failure issues, please contact alison543 within 24 hours of purchase with transaction history.

For any assistance or questions and concerns, contact:


Inworld Store

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