Bliensen + MaiTai by Plurabelle Laszlo
Bliensen + MaiTai by Plurabelle Laszlo
Sold by: Plurabelle Laszlo
Joined: January 03, 2007

Jewelry and Accessories, Hair, Clothes, Shoes -
Jewelry for women and men.
Cute, elegant, ecclectic, unusual, vintage, urban, casual, bridal, formal, post-apocalyptic, elven, neko, fairy, goth
neck ties, gloves, ballet flats, high heels, hats, piercings

New releases are all 100 % original mesh.


Most of my newer releases, including unrigged mesh, are copy and modify. If not, it's stated in the advertisement.

Most of my older, pre-mesh items are copy/mod, too - with a few exceptions: shoes, clothing layers and earrings are usually not modifiable (see ad resp. product description)

No refund for no transfer items.

I rarely do custom work, but if I am not too busy, I might.

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