LostAngel Industries
LostAngel Industries
Sold by: Evangeline Cortes
Joined: February 27, 2007

Since 2007 LostAngel has been specializing in original,amusing
and seductive poses for all your SL modelling and photographic needs.
Chose between more than 1000 of modelling poses,
couple poses, group poses and scripted multipose furniture and props!

Visit the [LostAngel SIM] now!
built in a "sci-fi glam" style, and take a look at the new releases! or see [Places] on www.lostangel-industries.com for a virtual visit and all the landmarks

Need more poses? Visit the [LostAngel Sky District]
the urban sim with our Poses Outlet, or [Places] on www.lostangel-industries.com for an overview of the products and direct landmarks.

For all the images/info/policy/Q&A/reviews etc
please visit the [Info] section on : www.lostangel-industries.com

You can also find us on Flickr and Facebook
search for "LOSTANGEL" or Evangeline Cortes
All the contact? See [Contact] on www.lostangel-industries.com

Issues? Undeliveries? Need Customer Support? : See [Issues] on www.lostangel-industries.com for direct support.

For News, discounts, promos, and appreciation programs see: [Promo] on www.lostangel-industries.com



* Unless stated otherwise Poses are static, for photoshots.
* Modeling poses of new generation [in LostAngel sim] are suitable for your AO.
* All the props and furniture by LostAngel are copy/mod and can be rezzed in your own Photostudio, or copied for use in inventory or in one's personal pose stand or Hud. All poses by LostAngel are mod and adjustable.
* Gift cards/vouchers are available

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