Cheval D'or / TeeglePet American Saddlebred / Nedir Tack Set. (Boxed)

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Designed for the TeeglePet American Saddlebred only,
will not fit any other rideable, OR avatar.

This set depends heavily on materials so do make sure to have advanced lightning on to get all the little details to show.
The set adds 55-65LI Depending on which breed and comes with texture hud where you can change the leather colour to brown, black and white and metals to gold and silver. Saddlepad has 6 pre-installed textures. You can also tint specific parts.
It also features rigged stirrups (still in beta mode/perfecting it.) and static stirrups.

Store policy:
READ the signs, titles, and descriptions, we list our products with correct titles, and detailed description to make it easier to work out if this fits your horse.
If you purchase this and it doesn't fit your horse, it is on YOU, not us. Read the titles! Contact us if you're unsure.

Official Release Date of this set is: 01/21/2021

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Cheval D'or
Cheval D'or
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