Dutchie mesh feather duster in 2 versions, wearable and decorational

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Dutchie's mesh feather duster with dusting animation comes in two versions:

1: Wearable

This version is only wearable by you, is kept in your inventory and usable anywhere. Wear it to play the animation and detach to make it stop.

2: Decorational

The decorational version is meant to be placed in your home. It offers a temporary attachment option for anyone, so your guests can play with it too.

Clicking on the object will make another version rez and attach to the clicker. The temporary broom will not be added to your inventory, and dissapear when you leave the sim or log out.

Copy and mod, except for the scripts and such.
The shadow under the decorational version of the broom can be unlinked.
Landimpact of 2 prims.

Please note: the feathers are made with alpha textures. Though very little, some glitching cannot be helped.

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  • Two versions of the feather duster, one is wearable, one decorational
  • the decorational mesh duster offers temporary attachments for your guests
  • The mesh feather duster has land impact of only 2 prims
  • with dusting animation
  • 100 percent mesh, mod and copy

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Animation quality not that great

Veröffentlicht 26.4.2020 von KittygirlRawr 4 Sterne

I'm glad there is something like this out there for RP, just the quality of the dusting animation could have been made less robotic and not so fast. Looks kind of odd at times, other than that, good to have.

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good duster

Veröffentlicht 10.11.2016 von PufffPufffPasss 5 Sterne

This duster has a cute animation, BUT you have to turn your AO OFF for it not to interrupt the duster animation. Love to use it to RP.

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