Fishbowl-Raffle Name Drawer Pro Version with Prize Giver Server Version 1.21

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!!! This Random Name Drawer Fishbowl (Raffle) has an Inventory Giver included !!!

This object will give a random gift from within object to a random person was drawn by by the owner or Moderator.
If you are want to Draw Names Only please buy the Normal Version, this is the Pro Version and does only work with Items init

After First Rez you get the Message: No Items in the Inventory.
You must now fill the Fishbowl Pro with items and reset the script once.
Then an inventory change will be registered and you can use the Fishbowl.

- Prize Giver included (can send Copy and No Copy Items)
- Allows up to 999 People to join (they simply have to click the Random Name Drawer to join the contest)
- Server Version with External Database (perfect for Events with more participants)*
- Info Line (Adjustable Hover text)
- Group / Public Mode
- Can picking winners as many you want
- You can add up to 10 Moderators who pick up the winners
- Ignore list to exclude Avatars from the draw
- Low Lag
- Only 1 LI each Design

*you need more then 999 participants? Contact me for a Special Version

-Item is C/M/NoTrans
-Script is C/NoMod/NoTrans

Online Manual:

-Floating Text (Hover) can now be disabled in the Menu

-Moderators can now be added with UUID instead of Login Names

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