Gypsy Falling Rocks - levitating

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Platform gaming has come to SL with Gypsy's Falling Rocks.
Jump from rock to rock before you fall to your doom.
Better make it quick. Once you land on one you only
have a short time before it falls away.

Falling Rocks is a "rez and play" game, ready right out of the box.
The owner can reset the original positions at any time by double clicking it.

Each individual rock has an invisible prim over the top of it. This allows you to land on the rock with both feet.
It is also sloped just enough to give you a chance to climb back up the side if you catch the edge.

Everything is copy/mod (minus the scripts) .
This way you can customize your own games.

Copy as many rocks as you like.
Space them apart as close or as far as you like.
It's all up to you. You can even re-texture them.

To edit the textures and/or shape, you must also match
your changes with the rezzable object in the contents.

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