Medical Cabinets, Medical Counter with Decorative Supplies

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Medical Cabinets, Medical Counter with Decorative Surgical Supplies

Decoration for a Hospital, Doctor's Clinic or Surgery.

LI stands for land impact for the prims. Convex Hull feature turned on to get the most bang for you prim count

10 different items in the package include:

1 Medical Cabinet - Doors Closed - 7 LI
1 Medical Cabinet - Open shelf - 5 LI
1 Medical Cabinet with Drawers - 4 LI
1 Surgical Tray with twine for stitches - 3 LI
1 Jar of Cotton Wool Balls - 2 LI
1 Jar of Cotton Swabs - 2 LI
1 Jar with Tongue Depressors - 2 LI
1 Box of Surgical Gloves - 1 LI
1 bit of Gauze - 2 LI
and Gauze with a bit of Blood - 2 LI, (This to show you actually cleaned someone's wounds.)

All the items are copy and modify so mix and match as you wish.

Fun items for themed sims. The Medical Cabinets are green enamel with Stainless steel counters and will fit with many early century eras.

All items are COMPLETELY Sterile...Honest!

a Total of 30 prims when used with all the items

Please enjoy!



  • 10 different items in the package
  • Copy and Modify on all
  • Configure your own look
  • Custom textures
  • Low prim decoration for many settings


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