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Charming, romantic house
Wonderfully bright, light-flooded rooms. Very exclusive and highly detailed textures.

2 storey house
living room
2 bedroom
2 roof terrace
Tint System
Advanced Light System (comfortable change and adaptation)
Door Security

Footprint only 27 x 40

House unfurnished needs only 145 Prim

it is copy/mod

most parts are MESH

Additionally, some textures in this house are compatible with the new "Advanced Lighting Model" feature in Second Life viewers. This allows for the creation of more realistic texture surfaces that respond like materials to lighting!
To see this texture at its best potential you'll need a recent viewer and you will need to enable the "advanced lighting model" under your preferences.
This option is enabled automatically for avatars with their graphics set to "High" or "Ultra". Avatars who do not enable this will see the standard textures

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  • Beach Villa

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I love our new house

Veröffentlicht 14.9.2020 von afrodziaq 5 Sterne

We bought that house a couple weeks ago and we really love it.

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Veröffentlicht 16.6.2017 von Caren Jewell 4 Sterne

this house is from rooms and work at all - fantastic
Its not full mody and I send the Merchant Info about it. But lovely are the 2 Balkonys, much space around and brings many light in the house cause all is open and very cozy

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