Moco Emporium - Riverside Cottage [Texture Change COPY/MODIFY] Version House ONLY Set

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|||| MOCO Emporium RIVERSIDE Cottage ~ Texture Change Cottage Copy/Mod ||||


This is a quality made, tranquil cottage, built with beautiful textures, space and styling. Think of Devon meets New England and that's the inspiration for the style. Suits plots of 400sqm and above and works really well near rivers (of course), waterfalls and crashing waves.

It is generously proportioned with a living room, dining room and kitchen downstairs and a large landing, bathroom and bedroom area upstairs. It also comes with 2 terraces (one upstairs) so set to sunset and chill out.

A perfect canvas for your traditional or modern decor or for the specially designed furniture packs that come with it. A great base for dancing, romancing, relaxing, chatting and listening to music with friends. It has been lovingly made to high standards with classic bleached woods and wallpaper textures.

You can change the following textures too:

~ Interior Walls - A choice of 10+ wall textures, from white to lemon, pink to blue, ebony to turquoise and more
~ Blinds - Open close blinds, lace panels, shutters, venetian blinds
~ Floors - Floor options for different rooms, dark woods, warm mahogany, parquet flooring, carpets

It has open/close doors which are also lockable (see the manual for full instructions)

As it's COPY/MODIFY you can easily extend the living space to suit your needs. Comes with a faux rezzer for easy set up and positioning.

This pack also includes;

~ 2 Versions of the Cottage - one with texture access control and one without
~ 4 Outdoor coach lights with on/off switches and soft glow
~ Outdoor patio area, to help you to finish off the garden areas
~ Free fire fly lights to help create the right feel

See the house in world to appreciate how great it can look in the right setting and to see the furniture packs that go with it.

||| There is no furniture included in this 'House Only' pack. The furnishings (all of which can be bought at my store) have been included in the photos to help illustrate the different wall and floor textures. No post production with the photographs just lighting & shadows courtesy of Firestorm/Phoenix Viewer |||

Download the PDF for full instructions on the house, info on furniture packs or visit the blog for lots more photos.

Moco Scribe

|||| RIVERSIDE Cottage ||||

Prims = 227
Permissions = COPY/MODIFY

Texture Change Interior Walls, Floor & Flowers - Including Access Control To Texture Change Menu
Open/Close Blinds
Open/Close Sliding Doors
Open/Close Swing Doors
Smoking Chimney
Inbuilt On/Off Kitchen Spotlights
Garden Patio Area – Copy/Mod
Fire Fly Lights FREE
Coach Lights FREE

|||| Look Out For The Special Riverside Furniture Packs In World Or On The MarketPlace To Complete The Look ||||

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  • Beautiful Texture Change Cottage Plus Access Control
  • Texture Change Floor, Blinds & Flowers
  • Open & Close Doors
  • Free Lanterns
  • Free Fire Fly lights

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love it!!!

Veröffentlicht 22.2.2013 von Anastasia Saxena 5 Sterne

I truly love this house, its a country cottage just what i was looking for!! Its a small home but not too small, perfect for 1 person, and the windows are wondering makes the house so open, looks great on beach land, and the owner was even nice enough to contact me and thank me for buying her products and gave me additional info on how to make the home better, thats what i call customer service :)

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Veröffentlicht 7.12.2012 von ForeverFlawless 5 Sterne

This is one of the first houses I am truly happy with. The textures are beautiful and the build is great. It has a certain charm! I cant wait to finish decorating it but I have a feeling it will take me awhile because there are so many choices of textures. The menu is super easy even if you are a total blonde like me lol....after not doing what I should have in the first place which is read the notecard included...Moco Scribe came to me personally to show me how it worked and made sure I was happy with everything. Over all I wish I could give this 10 stars not just because its so worth the L's but because of the service and care the creator has for her builds and customers!

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