⭐️ Moon ⭐️ Version Wearable & Rezzable

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This pack including 3 version of Moon :

1. Wearable Moon(turn off your AO and wear it!)
2. Rezzable Moon with 10 custom poses
3. Hovering moon decoration without poses

All version including resizer!
Land impact is 1
Copy only

About wearable version:
Wearable Moon are not meant to be rezzed it is wearable item only!
Animation won't work if you rezz it, so wear it and enjoy!
To adjust Wearable Mooni to your shape,click on it and resize menu will pop up in your upper right corner of screen,resize as much you need and put Moon in right position!


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Boudoir™ fashion label was founded in 2009 and since then we are here to make your Second Life worth living, providing you with high quality original items.
If you are looking for unique and fabulous creations you'll find them in Boudoir™!
All items are designed by the award-winning RL fashion designers and artists, multiple winners of AvieChoice awards for Female Fantasy/RP Fashion and best Stage/Theater Costume design!

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