Skye Tiered Garden Wall Building Set - Box

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I'm very happy to present this set of tiered garden walls, designed to add some structure to a more formal garden setting. A selection of shapes, allows you to create an infinite variety of layouts - hours of building fun!

Note that this is structural wall set and includes all the walls and some ground but not plants. Use all your own favourite shrubs and flowers to create your own spectacular display.

NB I have chosen stone textures which make this set compatible with Skye Stone Stairs Building Set

The Set Includes:
Texture Changer script - choose from 8 stone/moss level textures

S Shape Short (+ mirror) - 3 prims
S Shape Tall (+ mirror) - 3 prims
Buta Short (+ mirror)- 3 prims
Buta Tall (+ mirror) - 3 prims
S Shape Sloped (+ mirror) - 3 prims
Horseshoe - 4 prims
Horseshoe Sloped - 4 prims
Eye (+ mirrror) - 5 prims
Curve Sloped (+ mirror) - 4 prims
Straight Low - 1 prims
Straight High - 1 prim
Straight Sloped - 1 prim
Small Slight Curve - 2 prims
Small Curve (2 versions) - 2 prims
Curve Tall - 4 prims
Curve Short - 4 prims
Stair Set - 4 prims
Simple Stair - 1 prims
Circle Short - 2 prims
Circle Tall - 2 prims
Ground Irregular Mound - 2 prims
Ground Sloped - 1 prim
Ground Flat - 1 prim

+ a shape key is included to help chose pieces

Also included - 3 x sample set ups to get you started

Prim count: These pieces are designed to be used at supplied size.
Pieces are modifiable and can be scaled up or down but be aware that prim count will change.

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Simply the best and most versatile wall building set

Veröffentlicht 21.5.2020 von Markham Weatherwax 5 Sterne

It is nearly perfect. You can use it for many different and diverse builds and designs. I cannot recommend this more highly.

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Nice walls for terraced land, to create wonderful impressions with terraced garden walls

Veröffentlicht 25.2.2020 von angelpatty 4 Sterne

I've used Skye's forest builds for years, and found them very satisfactory. So, when I needed to make terraces to show off the unique contours of my property, I thought of Skye first. It's easy to select the texture and trim you want from a blue menu, and not difficult to make perfect compositions for that perfect land. The designer, Alex Bader, responds promptly and courteously to answer questions that may come up.

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