Sweet's Ruth 2.0 BoM Bento Mesh Head

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Female Bento & BoM Mesh Head / with 4 shapes & a basic facial AO.
Based on the Ruth Project Mesh head - based on Classic SL head.

This is a very basic mesh head, its a bit jagged - but with some effort I'm sure you can make it work.
You can not use appliers with this head. Use makeup on system layers (BoM).
The eyelashes are not rigged.
Take it easy when editing the shape, or the mesh will brake.

- The head uses 'Bakes on Mesh' and automatically hides your system head.
- It's compatible with System Skins & Tattoos.
- It may be compatible with BoM skins if they have teeth on the texture.
- Compatible with most Mesh Bodys.
- Known issue: a small glitch between head and neck w SL Body & Ruth 2.0 body (use a choker).

NOTE! BoM requires a Bakes On Mesh ready viewer (like the latest SL or Firestorm).

❤ Now you can use bento facial animations! (most facial AOs will work on this head)

❤ Skin in AD is a free system skin from LAQ:
LAQ Camille Free Essential skin (7 skintones).

Head (Bento, BoM)
Shape x 4 (modify)
Shaper x 4 (for brows, modify)
Mesh Lashes - unrigged, 2 versions (modify, but fitted for the included shapes)
Basic Facial AO x 2 (blink only & blink w small mouth movement)
No Ears Alpha
Styling Notecard (with landmarks)

Facelight (with HUD)
Mesh Choker x2 (Lace & Solid)
Eyelash Remover Alpha

Also see my Ruth 2.0 Mesh Body:


Ruth (and Roth) 2.0 is a scratch-built, open-source, Opensim, Second Life compatible mesh avatar - built to use standard SL UV maps.
Designed by Shin Ingin, with other open source contributions from the OpenSimulator Community.
❤ Thanks everyone!

Github Repository: https://github.com/ingen-lab/Ruth
MeWe Community Page: https://mewe.com/group/5bbe0189a5f4e57c73569fb9


❀ Sweet Lyn



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Veröffentlicht 15.11.2023 von Vladi Blessed 5 Sterne

Thank you so much for this wonderful gift, Sweety! This is wonderful mesh head, I love it! I got it when I set up your Ruth 2.0 BoM Bento Mesh Body (w. Alpha HUD) which I bought. After some tweaks, I managed to set it up to my liking. Everything is working flawlessly. I haven't been in SL for many years, in the era when only classic/system avatars were available. Now when I returned, I decided that I have to move on and go mesh. Thanks to you, my avatar is all mesh from head to toe now ))) I'm so happy! Thank you for your great work and efforts! Keep up the good work! Wish you all the best!

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It doesn't work

Veröffentlicht 7.2.2023 von NiicoleM 1 Stern

I bought this head years ago and the head never appeared; i asked to redeliver and i tried again but still doesn't work. I can't say that's false advertising for the comments, but... what can i do to fix that?

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