Meli´s Crazy Shop & Gacha Store
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Melis Crazy Shop & Gacha Store

Clothing and Gacha resale
Mesh clothing for common meshbodies
Price for the small purse
Group Gifts, Gifts, Decoration Articles
Groups Members Get 10% discount inworld
Group contribution: 50L $

Kleidung und Gacha Wiederverkauf
Mesh Kleidung für die gängigen Meshbodys
Preise für den kleinen Geldbeutel
Group Gifts ,Gifts, Deko Artikel
Gruppen Mitglieder Bekommen 10% Rabatt inworld
Gruppenbeitrag : 50L$



PLEASE NOTE that I am not the creator of this article. I only sell "No-Copy" - "Transfer Only" gacha items.
All items are non-refundable and can not be returned (no copy).
I am not responsible for any items that you may lose or break.

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