KDC: Kyrah Design Concept
KDC: Kyrah Design Concept
Sold by: Kyrah Abattoir
Joined: June 04, 2004

Started in 2005, KDC is one of the oldest creators of BDSM apparels and Fetishwear in secondlife, we make realistic bondage accessories, pony play tacks and various latex and leather fetish clothes.

We are mainly known as the creator of the LockMeister chaining API and the TouchBound natural bondage system.

All our meshs and textures, sounds and animations are custom made and optimized for SecondLife.

Our scripts have one of the best functions/performance ratio in SecondLife, we strive to make our products low lag and completely unique.

All our bondage products are RLV and LockMeister compatible.


If you have a problem with a product, a delivery issue, or any other question, contact "Kyrah Abattoir" in-world by IM (do not use notecards if possible).

Updates are provided at no charge to customers in good standing.

In-world purchase refunds are possible on unopened gift boxes & transferable products (48H from purchase)

Marketplace refunds do not include LindenLab's cut (10% as of 04/2021).

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