Mad Girl Ninjas' Designs
Mad Girl Ninjas' Designs
Sold by: Ninja Krokus
Joined: April 24, 2010

Creators of Cliche Vampire Romance! Custom 1st Act Werewolf Poses! Custom WereHouse Wilds: Wolf and Dire Wolf Avatar Poses! Fantasy Fey & Divine Mermaids! The Water Horse, and the Niramyth Daenotaur. BDSM Poses, Vampire Poses, Angel Poses, Couples poses, combat poses, singular poses, and much more! Clothing & Accessories too! Join the “F*cking Ninjas” group today for updates & gifts!


There are no more custom orders
There are no more custom fatpacks
There are no more changes to previously purchased items
I never did get to play with the new mesh avatars :(
We are not accepting bloggers
We are not holding events or participating in hunts
There are no more monthly gifts
The In-world Location is closed and surrounding sim


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