"The Lunar" Hybriderian Werewolf (The First Generation Lycan) Version 2.1

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Hybriderian Werewolf
(First Generation Lycan)
Version: 2.1 [for Viewer 3 & 2 & 1]

Designed and Developed by Hydrogen Excelsior.
Copyright©2009 Niramyth Productions. All rights reserved.

Any attempt to copy this work without a full written authorization from the author of this work will be prosecuted to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law. ( http://www.copyright.gov )


Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for support & choosing NIRAMYTH's product.
We work so hard to provide the high quality products and try to make your Second Life much more fun.
This is the Hybriderian Werewolf avatar (First Generation Lycan), is a concept of mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or an anthropomorphic wolf-like creature.

Current Features : (Version: 2.1)

* Added Custom Made Animation Overrider (AO) by motion capture technology combined with ZHAO-II system. This version includes 15 Animations: 3 Stands, 1 Walk, 1 Run, 1 Crouch, 1 Crouch Walking, 1 Sit, 1 Ground Sit, 1 Landing, 1 Prejump, 1 Jumping, 1 Turn Left, 1 Turn Right. & 1 Typing)
* Moved tail attachment point to "pelvis"
* Now Full Body Modifiable! (OH MY DOG!!)
* Changed new 3 pieces Torso to fit with all regular animations
* Added commands /44av mouthopen, /44av mouthclose (use to play with gestures).
* Fixed neck drifting (again). Now your neck will not breaking off.

* Full 100% Sculpted Prims , High-detailed, Pretty Low Lag.
* Custom Made Textures (Medium tone).
* Blinking eyes.
* Blood Stains Covered Textures.
* Control HUD for jaw and ears.
* Ear positions (up, mid, down, and wagging on/off).
* Talking jaw, multi-positions jaw (narrow, open, wide).
* Waggle Tail & Tail Control (note: flexi-prim causing lag on the viewer)
* Breathing smoke effect and sound effects (attachment object).
* Face expression. (normal and snarl)
* Color Changeable eyes, skin, mouth, tongue, teeth, and claws. (HUD)
* Texture Changeable for eyes. You can add your own eyes textures as well. (HUD)
* Custom Texture Properties (Bumpiness, Glow, Shininess, and Full Bright). (HUD)
* Werewolf Chat. You can speak secretly with nearby Hybriderian Werewolves by type "/8 <message>", or "/8shout <message>", No humans can hear this communication!
* Automatic updates (For fixing bugs, and feature improving)

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Last Revised: 29th Nov 2010


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Thank you so much, and Have fun!

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A fine avatar to buy.
full star full star full star full star empty star Posted July 31, 2013 by lily6161

A very fine avatar to buy, it's totally worth spending your money for! My favorite feature is that I can customized this avatar by using a simple-to-use HUD, without having to buy another colour. A decent price for a good quality avatar, though it may be over-priced for some people. Unlike the 1st Act werewolf avatar, it is not too bulky. - While keeping a slim shape, it's rather an "athletic" shape. The breathing particles and sounds is a very unique feature for a werewolf. I removed one star because of many reasons:

1) There could have been some howling, growling and snarling gestures/emotes;

2) The animations are great, but I'm quite tired of seeing it do the same things over and over again;

3) The hands could have been separated from the forearms so they would move more;

4) There could have been an option for markings like: Stripes, Spots, ect...

5) The "cheek fluff" could have looked better;

6) For the female version, there could have also been a basic rag for the top;

7) The tail could have been a little bit better;

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Awesome looking!
full star full star full star full star full star Posted January 25, 2013 by himynamesbre

I was never a fan of the other were forms I have come across. ESPECIALLY when it came to female vs male versions. This, however, maintains a feminine form without it looking silly and forced. I also love the face on this far more than others i have found.

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