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Sold by: Lorita Lane
Joined: April 19, 2007

Where others declare a product finished, Lori continues working on it, to make it better and distinguish her products from the average. More and finer details, better textures, a better look, more options... until she is fully satisfied with the result. Average products belong back to the drawing board, not in Lori's store!

In Lori's Store you won't find something, that distorts in short distances, as every LOD has it's own optimized model. You won't find blurry textures but either unnecessary huge and lagging ones. you won't find the usual annoyances and bad functioning scripts.

What will you find then? Lori adds a touch of realism, individualism and perfection on each of her products, even if it takes her double the time.

"I want my products to look real, to feel real and to be enjoyable for my buyers! Things don't look perfect in real life, they have their small individual details, their age and even their flaws. That's what makes them feel so real and distinguishes the fake from the real. Pixar has done it with rendered movies like Wall-E, I'm doing it with my products. I call it 'Amazing Quality', adding to every texture and every model these individual details. That makes all the difference!"


Not satisfied? Send me (Lorita Lane) an Instant Message and let me know about the issue.

All my regular products are generally modify and copy, but no-transfer. Exceptions might occur in special cases. Builder Editions are modify, copy and transfer with the exception of parts that are not for distribution (like examples) or modification (like scripts), unless otherwise stated.

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