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WE HAVE MOVED THE STORE TO A NEW LOCATION! The LM in these shopping bags are old! Please go to my profile for the new LM, or you can click "Link to inworld store" on this page, Or you can search up "vitrimi" In the inworld search.

Hello there! ^_^ I am the creator of Vitrimi.
I hope you like my stuff! Most of the stuff I will have for sale will be around 50-150L's. Nothing over 200, I don't think you should buy clothes for over 200L's I think its outrageous. Plus EVERYONE loves cheap cute clothing right?! :D Haha Also, I make full perm clothing too for creators! and if you're wanting a custom mesh done, I can do that for you just send me an IM! Please leave a review?! :D Thanks!


If you have problems with delivery, please let me know by sending me an IM and/or Notecard. And I will try to get to you as soon as possible. Either way you WILL get a response from me so please don't leave a bad review saying you didn't receive something.
Also! please don't write a bad review saying you don't like something because I have demo's! So make sure you try on the demo's before you buy

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