Little Branch
Little Branch
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Imagine a virtual world with scenery so realistic you can almost reach out and touch it, where you can switch between seasons at the click of a button.

With The Little Branch, you don't need to only imagine any more. Creators of original high quality mesh trees, shrubbery and flowers to adorn and enhance your virtual world.
Whether you are looking for compliments to your home, designing your perfect garden or creating a vast sim landscape, The Little Branch is here to help you shape and forge the world around you to set authentic and magical scenes.

The Little Branch presents items with 4 seasons menu for your convenience and to ensure you'll be able to find the ideal outdoor decor for your landscaping needs, whether it's scenic countryside or woodland, tropical or desert landscape.

The Little Branch uses only original high quality and realistic textures in the creation of our products and everything is 100% mesh, with all items being copy-mod.

You can follow Little Branch through social media, as well as our in world group to find out about our latest releases and exciting upcoming news.



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Beautify your virtual world with stunning creations from The Little Branch - We hope you'll visit us soon!

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