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All of [sau] vehicles has full features DEMO in world.I always recommend to test ride them before purchasing.

No you can't get nothing for a good review, I hope they are true and reliable. I'm always here to help you with any kinds of [sau]products issues.Even full refunds.(please read the policy)

All products listed on marketplace are original designed virtual works.My products have no relationship to any real life brands.

[sau]provides handmade high quality mesh vehicles,sculpt/mesh templates and custom work service in second life since 2008.

Please check my picks of profile for more information.


Dear customers:
We provide full refunds to customers who have agreed to our new policy
-You visited our sim to check and tested the product you want to purchase in-world.
-You agreed upon receiving a full refund, you will delete the product from your inventory completely along with your review & comments whether it's positive or negative, since the whole order has been canceled.

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