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Sold by: Christina Longmeadow
Joined: July 30, 2010

''Is your ego writing cheques that your AV can't cash? Then you've come to the right place!''

Welcome to 'PiXeL PuSs FaShIoNs'

My aim at PiXeL PuSs is to offer you top quality womens clothing, roleplay costumes, cosplay, weapons and accessories. Created using professional 3D and 2D design software.

My goal is to provide realistic, stylish, creatively unique items that will turn heads and get as many 'look at crosshairs' covering your body as possible when you wear my items. I have strict discipline when creating textures for my items as I will not settle for anything that doesnt look professional.

Please drop by the store in world and hang out sometime. (Wack-a-mole, pinball machines, DJ decks, sofas, and enough artwork to get your juices flowing!

''Peace in the middle east!''

Christina x


Make copies of your outfits as I cannot send you new ones if you make a mistake when editting them.

Please report any suspected copybotted items to me via IMs or notecard.

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