D2-Spec 0.6 // Free Car Builder's Kit

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Whether you are familiar with the D2-Spec car system or not, anyone can use this Car Development Kit to tool around on your own projects or become a Second Life vehicle seller if you happen to have some car model assets without a functional script to make them run.

D2 0.6 is the Latest, Free, Transferrable car script by Eightland Racing, who has been developing automotive scripts in SL since 2010.

ELR helps build communities of builders and modders in SL's car culture with a tested platform of 'simulator-realism' vehicles, styled on Drift and Track Racing capabilities for consistent, addictive precision action.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2YXsdcIozo - Promo
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzsO5evepOM - Drifting

Visit the ELR/PM store inworld @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seventh%20Avenue/126/27/2036

Be sure to check out britty's stuff in the same building for updated D2 scripts for Driving Animation, Wheels, and more!



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LOVE THIS, contributed to my love of drifting/racing! Ran out of space!!!! Contact me if you're curious about a more in depth review!

Publicado January 10, 2020 por Peanuts Sassypants 5 estrellas

I've been using assorted car scripts for many years. Of course you always have your average forward, back, shift up, shift down, decent steering execution upon pressing steering keys scripts.
Many times people argue that because a script speeds up slowly and the steering feels slow and heavy it's somehow more realistic than other scripts.
This script, ELR/PM D2, (I like to call it fizix and pretend I'm oldschool.) is innovative and amazing in just about every way, and here's why. As a driving obsessed enthusiast in the real world, I crave a certain feeling when driving in games. Even before I started stunting in real life I could feel something special in the earlier stages of d2's development. I might even say it helped to set me on the path I'm on now, and I am grateful for that contribution. Once you figure out the little silly bits in your car like parking brake, or hud stuff (which is very simple don't worry.) you shift your car into first gear. I hear there's even an obtainable clutch add-on script? Anywho, as soon as you press the throttle you start moving. It's just like real life. You start pulling away and then that torque kicks in and you start movin'! Keep in mind it is secondlife, which you notice again upon using keyboard steering. It's not a lack of scripting, it's a lack of capability when using TWO BUTTONS to steer. So I recommend the mouse steer feature! Mouse steer drivers tend to have a slight advantage in tight technical areas, due to the fact that you're steering with the mouse and are 500% more in control. Hehe! It's okay though, even if you HATE mouse steering, you can still totally enjoy the key steer in this script. Every corner you can feel the difference in RPM and the way speed affects steering is pretty great too! Especially when you floor it and let the rear slip out. I recommend messaging eight and asking him if you can purchase one of his own builds so you can feel a perfectly tuned well ballanced SL drift vehicle. I♥D2

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Publicado December 25, 2019 por nikki12341 5 estrellas

This stuff good, this some really good stuff, mmmmmmmmmmmm Delicious. Would use again, 10/10

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